What are real estate statistics worth to you?

We are inundated with statistics left and right. This area went up 20%, that neighborhood 15%. The statistics are helpful to gauge what the economy is doing and it gives us a sense of optimism. Statistics only say so much. It is a snapshot in the particular time in which they are calculated. If you are a seller, profit is important but so many more factors play into the value of your home. Amenities, condition, the all-important location, these are variables beyond median and average values. If you are a buyer, interest rates are very important. If interest rates go up, you pay more for the same house. And they will go up. The bottom line is that it is the right time to buy or sell when it is the right time in your life. Straight-forward advice from a seasoned realtor needs to be in the mix to make one of the biggest decisions in your life a success.


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