Another day in the neighborhood

Alogo-2xnother great invention coming out of our new way of doing things are Meetups. There is a Meetup for just about everything. I had my first experience last Thursday when I went to Shut Up and Write. What a nice idea. We were sitting at a big table in the back of a cute café on  Valencia Street called Bordersland.  At 6:40 pm the timer went off and we wrote for a straight hour, each of us at whatever we were working on.  Afterwards there was some brief conversation and we all went our separate ways. I got 12 pages done effortlessly. And with a lot of fun.
One of my friends discovered a Mami Group after her baby was born and was introduced to many different events for parents and children. New ways of connecting are popping up every day, although I don’t really know about the virtual reality and driverless car inventions. I will leave that for other people…give me my car and my hugs and I am fine.


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