The Fun of Social Media

I Like
Study: Checking Your Social Media Pages Is as Addictive as Sex and Nicotine

Opinions are all over the place about Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media opportunities for people to be in contact with each other. It is the best of times for those of us who want to stay in touch with loved ones all over. And it is a privilege to meet people all over the globe. We can exchange ideas, inform each other, be friends across cultural, national, ethnic and all other differences. We can find communalities, communicate honestly and learn what is going on for people without the filter of news reporting and its different slants.
And we can make a difference and give each other strength. We can help each other to grow beyond what we know in our own backyards. It fosters tolerance, understanding and an appreciation of the humanity of all of us, ideally. But at least it gives us the possibility to be informed about other people and places.
Where else can a libertarian and a liberal actually exchange ideas?
Even though they might not agree but at least they are communicating. social-media_mediumOr a Nigerian blogger can be heard about his government. Posts about travelers to Nepal and a teacher in China can open our eyes to what it is like there for regular people without the sensationalism.
It is the best tool available for us humans to be connected on a big scale and still be able to be in touch with each other as individuals.


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