San Francisco has great neighborhood shopping streets in addition to the malls and Union Square. There are shops for every taste and inclination.
Union_square_san_franciscoHayes Valley is thriving with lots of stylish little unique clothing and shoe boutiques, bustling restaurants and cafes and not to forget, Blue Bottle where you can enjoy your freshly brewed while hanging out with your friends. Hayes Valley is one of the more recent additions to our neighborhood social scenes. The Octavia Street corridor is always busy with people enjoying the outdoors.

Valencia Street is a favorite shopping street where goth is vying with cute hipster clothing, jewelry and trendy furniture, art galleries cafes, bookstores, bars and ethnic restaurants. The restaurant scene is slowly pushing its way to Mission Street where there are already wildly popular eateries and further down even a bowling alley and live music venues.

Upper Fillmore is an upscale shopping street where Liz Claiborne is a popular store next to Athleta and other brand-name clothing lines. There is Starbucks, Peets and several great restaurants as well as high-end consignment stores, a neighborhood movie theatre and a veterinary clinic.

Upper Haight Street has the hippie and hard rock clothing stores interspersed with a couple of chain stores, Goodwill and Whole Foods, music stores and other items not found anywhere else. There are casual restaurants with a café here and there.

Union Street, the high end Pacific Heights shopping street extends also along Fillmore Street down to Chestnut Street. There are popular restaurants at the high price point, a variety of different stores with work-out clothes, leather jackets, business and business casual outfits and bedding. There is a health food store, several hair salons and spas, Starbucks and a yogurt place.

24th Street in Noe Valley has several children’s clothing/toy stores reflecting the many young couples with children who live in the neighborhood. There is a Whole Foods store, some restaurants, a bagel place and a few small eclectic storefronts. It is a neighborhood gathering place that even has a Farmer’s Market and a small 24 hour fitness club.

Castro and 18th caters to a large gay men’s population. There are some fashionable men’s clothing stores, several banks and  busy bars and restaurants with a lively nightlife. Walgreens and a hardware store are anchor tenants and Mollie Stone feeds many. The restaurants, bars and cute stores also wind down Market Street with several fitness clubs and stores not to be found in other parts of town.

24th Street in the Mission is in a transition where mom and pop bakeries, grocery stores and taco places still remind of the old Mission before it became trendy.

Cortland Avenue has a nice health food store, some restaurants and local bars and little stores as well as a couple of popular cafes. The library and a church as well as a neighborhood center are in the center of the street which like Bernal Heights has retained its close-knit neighborhood character.


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