We are riding the roller coaster again

Where is the real estate market going to go? Up, down, sideways?

Sideways it is for now.
But stand on my shoulders on this.

In my 28 years in the real estate business I have never seen anyone guessing the top and the bottom accurately.
I bought my home in 1994. Nobody knew it was the bottom. Times were tough with no end in sight.
I bought the property I could with the money and qualifications I had. 
22 years later I look like a genius.
But that’s not how it goes in real life.
The best way is to buy a home at the time you can afford it for the price you can 
afford and the money the bank will lend you.
Then live a life you love in the home where you can fulfill your dreams and where
 you can be as creative, loving and self-expressed as possible.
For me homeownership is freedom.
It is between you and the bank unless you are lucky enough to pay cash.
Pay your mortgage, your property taxes and your insurance and enjoy life the way you want without worrying about circumstances that might come up in a rental beyond your control.
It is fun to own your own place and it is empowering.


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