Zuckerberg impresses me

I love Facebook.
It has opened up the world to me. I have friends all over.
The people on Facebook provide news that the main stream media often does not report.
There are perspectives from all different kinds of people about interesting subjects and breakthroughs.
And it is hilarious to follow rants that people in real life would never say to each other.
Just to achieve this kind of communication between millions of people is impressive in itself.
Now Zuckerberg is part of a satellite launching so that unconnected residents of Africa can participate. That is cool.
He had a meeting with the pope discussing how to use communication technology to help alleviate poverty on the planet. Who knows. We might achieve a breakthrough around poverty in the world with communication.
And we have gotten lots of money for the San Francisco General Hospital. All good.
And he moved to my neighborhood.
I like Zuckerberg’s direction.

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