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Making Decisions

Everybody has an opinion. What we do when we are making decisions is to get the opinions of the people around us. Sometimes it is a snap. The decisions we want to make coincide with the opinions of the people we ask. Easy! It becomes tricky when we get divergent feed-back. And each advice is given to us with a lot of enthusiasm. But oh so different from what we want to hear. So we keep getting opinions from people around us, bouncing back and forth, feeling progressively more undecided. 

So this is the way out of the dilemma:

Take every pro and con into consideration. Then put all the opinions aside and make a choice. And stick with the choice. Be happy with your choice. It will turn out right. And if not, you can stand on the shoulders of what you have learned when you have to make your next decision.


The Internet is the great equalizer

We are in a digital revolution. I love that I can talk to my brother in Germany on messenger while I am texting back a quick instruction that will move an action forward  in my office and google is giving me driving directions. And it is amazing how nicely we can participate in each other’s lives and share what is important to us.

Inventory is down. A market view.

There are very few homes for sale. I listened to agents in New York today who said their inventory is 60% down.The markets in Illinois, Florida and the Southern States are still ailing, although getting better, according to Hubzu, a national platform.  In our San Francisco/Bay Area inventory is tight, but not that low. Here is your great opportunity if you have been thinking of selling a property.  The West and East Coast markets are rising and exciting for sellers. Get the best price and terms while it lasts.

Searching for homes on the web

We can look for homes on the web 24/7. We agents are sending out new listings hot off the press to our clients. It is a good tool to get a sense of what is going on in the real estate market – a preliminary source of information. But it does not replace going out and looking at homes. There is nothing more important than going on home tours. Pictures only show so much, better or worse. And I have so often experienced with my clients that they have walked into a home and had the “click experience” of THIS IS HOME. A picture cannot do that. And a home might get eliminated undeservedly. Having a home tour set up of all the best houses available is worth more than looking at a thousand pictures. It is the tried and true way to find the right home.