Searching for homes on the web

We can look for homes on the web 24/7. We agents are sending out new listings hot off the press to our clients. It is a good tool to get a sense of what is going on in the real estate market – a preliminary source of information. But it does not replace going out and looking at homes. There is nothing more important than going on home tours. Pictures only show so much, better or worse. And I have so often experienced with my clients that they have walked into a home and had the “click experience” of THIS IS HOME. A picture cannot do that. And a home might get eliminated undeservedly. Having a home tour set up of all the best houses available is worth more than looking at a thousand pictures. It is the tried and true way to find the right home.


Technology and Relationships

“It doesn’t matter whether I am going to school or not, I am always learning”.  That is what makes life interesting, learning and creating. 2013 in Real Estate has been a year for learning and creating how to work in the new digital RE market.  Well, actually the market is not new. How we reach our wonderful buyers and seller has changed. The Internet has made it both harder and easier. But in the end it is the same. You and I work with each other and I help you find a home to live a life you love  or to move on to another place because
you are ready for the next life phase. Either way
it is an honor for me to assist you with that and we have fun together.

What are real estate statistics worth to you?

We are inundated with statistics left and right. This area went up 20%, that neighborhood 15%. The statistics are helpful to gauge what the economy is doing and it gives us a sense of optimism. Statistics only say so much. It is a snapshot in the particular time in which they are calculated. If you are a seller, profit is important but so many more factors play into the value of your home. Amenities, condition, the all-important location, these are variables beyond median and average values. If you are a buyer, interest rates are very important. If interest rates go up, you pay more for the same house. And they will go up. The bottom line is that it is the right time to buy or sell when it is the right time in your life. Straight-forward advice from a seasoned realtor needs to be in the mix to make one of the biggest decisions in your life a success.

You can count on on me for straight-forward advice about Real Estate